Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty & Staff


Back Row (Left to Right): R. Fan, B. Margolius, D. Aloi, S. Hurtado Rua, F. Martins, S. Ryan, G. LaPlaca, J. Holcomb, D. Munther, J. Amador, P. Srinivasan. Middle Row: H. López Valdez,  I. Soprunov, J. Scott, L. Gold, E. Chuha, S. Shao, C. Phillips-Bey. Front Row: F. Galetto, S. Chincholkar, T. Romutis, T. Preisler, Y. Wu, L. Quinn, S. Gubkin. Not Pictured: M. El Khouly, B. Fiester, S. Froehlich, D. Gao, A. Hoover, T. Khan, G. Lupton, A. Papana, I. Rodrigues, J. Stone, P. Wachira.

The Department of Mathematics offers a rich curriculum that can lead to exciting careers in education, insurance, analysis, statistics, and data science, to name just a few areas. We have outstanding faculty in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics. Our faculty are committed to student success and discovering new knowledge.

Math Department Administrative Office 

Location: Rhodes Tower, Room 1515
Phone: (216) 687.4680
Fax: (216) 523.7340

Mathematics Advisor for Majors and Minors

Prof. Leah Gold
Office: RT 1529
Phone: (216) 687.4565
Advising Appointments can be made through Starfish

Mathematics and Statistics Graduate Program

Prof. Richard Fan
Office: RT 1553
Phone: (216) 687.4706