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M.S. in Mathematics

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The demand for people trained in mathematics and statistics will continue to grow because of the central role of both fields in science, engineering, health, and business.

The Master of Science in Mathematics is designed to provide a variety of graduate-level mathematical options for students interested in a deeper understanding of theoretical and applied mathematics. Students graduating with this degree often pursue a Ph.D. in mathematics, teach secondary school mathematics, or seek employment as an actuary or analyst.

The Master of Science in Mathematics with the Specialization in Applied Statistics provides students with a broad background in applied statistical methodology. Graduates from this program find employment in Northeast Ohio and beyond as statistical analysts. Statisticians work in both government, industry, and business.

M.S. in Statistics and Analytics

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This specialization is for students seeking development of skills in statistics and data analysis. Coursework can lead to employment in a variety of industries that seek quantitatively skilled employees with knowledge of statistical methodology.

Graduate Program for the Certificate in Applied Predictive Modeling

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There is a growing demand for professionals with skills in predicting outcomes derived from data and statistical models (this field is sometimes known as analytics). The Graduate Certificate in Applied Predictive Modeling provides the opportunity for students to enhance their skills in statistics and applied mathematics. Credits earned as part of the certificate program may apply toward a graduate degree in Mathematics.
Students who complete the certificate program will be able to:

  • Enhance and complement the skills of industry professionals who deal with data in finance, marketing, insurance, and bio-research.
  • Bring professional knowledge of modeling with data to businesses and research centers in Northeast Ohio and beyond.