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CSU Math: Student Competitions

CSU Freshman-Sophomore Mathematics Competition

The CSU Freshman-Sophomore Mathematics Competition is an annual competition in April and is open to all regularly enrolled CSU undergraduate students who have completed at most one mathematics or statistics course numbered 300 or above.  The background for the competition is basic algebra and geometry, very elementary number theory, and calculus; no upper-division coursework is necessary.  

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CSU DataFest

DataFest will introduce you to what is likely the richest, most complex dataset you’ve seen so far in your academic career. The dataset is provided by a real-life organization and is chosen to provide many avenues of discovery. Students at any stage of their data-science education will find something of interest and will have the opportunity to make an original finding. Students from any major are welcome. 

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Leo Schneider Student Team Competition

The Ohio Section of the MAA hosts a student math competition in honor of Leo Schneider at each spring meeting (usually late March or early April).  Groups of three students collaborate to solve ten challenging math problems. The top three teams are award cash prizes and the admiration of their peers!  The CSU Math Club arranges for teams to attend this annual regional mathematics competition, including travel and lodging.   All undergraduate students at CSU are eligible to participate. (High school students enrolled at CSU may also participate.)  Problems are drawn from the standard mathematics undergraduate curriculum and will vary in difficulty, however some of the problems are always accessible to sophomore level mathematics students (calculus, linear algebra, etc.).

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