Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Colloquium

The Math Department's Colloquiums are held on Fridays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in Rhodes Tower 1516. Refreshments start at 2:00 PM.

Spring 2024

Date Speaker Title
April 26 Daniele Rosso (Indiana University Northwest) Grothendieck rings of towers of generalized Weyl algebras
April 12 Yanyu Xiao (University of Cincinnati) Examine the environmental effects on population dynamics of insects via some mathematical models and experimental data
March 29 Michael Robert (Virginia Tech)

An old threat in new territory: investigating dengue emergence with mathematical modeling

March 22 Anuj Abhishek (Case Western Reserve University) An operator learning framework for an inverse problem in Electrical Impedance Tomography
February 2 Rachel Diethorn (Oberlin College) Free resolutions of differential operators

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Title
December 8 Rosalia and Joshua (CSU Honors Students) Honors Senior Project Presenations
October 20 Alexander Wilson (VAP at Oberlin College)

Super Multiset RSK and the Restriction Problem

October 13

**4pm in WH401**

Hakan Doga (Postdoc Mathematician at IBM Research, CCF) **Special Colloquium on Quantum Computing** (Note time and location)
September 29 Michael Roysdon (VAP at CWRU)

Framework for the Theory of Higher Order Convex Bodies

September 15 Gennadiy Averkov (Brandenburgische Technische Universitat)

Plücker-type Inequalities for Mixed Areas and Intersection Numbers of Curve Arrangements

Spring 2023

Date Speaker Title
February 10 Steve Szabo (Eastern Kentucky University)

A (larger) taxonomy of Dedekind-finite rings and reflexive rings.

Feb 15, 17, 24 TT Stats Job Candidate Interviews Misc.
March 3 Luciane Quoos (Instituto de Matematica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

Algebraic Curves and Codes

March 10 Alexandra Seceleanu (Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Symmetric Monomial Ideals

March 13-17 Spring Break  No Scheduled Talks
March 24 Pedro Gerum (CSU Business) Deep learning for real-time probabilistic traffic congestion prediction
March 31 Osvlado Tapia Dueñas (Visiting Scholar at CSU from Autonomous University of Aguascalientes)

Benefits of Simplification, Compression, and Reconstruction of 3D Objects using Chain Codes and Helical Paths

April 7 (1:00pm) Eduardo Camps-Moreno (Visiting Scholar at CSU)

MRSD Codes and Anticodes in the sum-rank metric

Postponed Andreas Aristotelous (U. Akron) Postponed until Fall 2023
April 14 Sudhir R. Ghorpade (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

A Confluence of Coding Theory, Combinatorics, and Commutative Algebra

April 21 Rowan Barker-Clarke (CCF, Theory Division)

Masking, maintenance and mimicry: the interplay of cell-intrinsic and cell-extrinsic effects in evolutionary games

April 28 Nick Battista (The College of New Jersey, Mathematics)

Wiggling and Paddling: Exploring Tomopteris Swimming Performance

May 5 Eliseo Sarmiento Rosales (Visiting Scholar at CSU, Prof Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico)

Maximum Zeros and Generalized Hamming Weight

May 19 (10 am) Zhishen Shuai (Univ. of Central Florida) TBA

Fall 2022

Date Speaker Title
October 14 Luke Oeding (Auburn University) Jordan Decompositions of Tensors and Applications to Quantum Information
October 21 Henry Chimal-Dzul (Notre Dame Univ.) Representations of Special Classes of Linear Codes
October 28 Paul Zachlin (Lakeland) and Anna Davis (Ohio Dominican) Explorations in Resources for Linear Algebra Courses
November 4 Hayden Julius (YSU, former student at CSU)

ZPD Algebras and Related Questions

November 11 No Colloquium (Veteran's Day Observed) N/A
November 18 Matea Santiago (U. Arizona) Pulsing Xeniid Corals Modeling and SImulation:  Mixing, Photosynthesis, and Muscle Contraction

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Title
April 26 Katherine Sammon Honors Project Presentation - Location Julka Hall 338
April 29 Qixuan Wang (UC Riverside) Roles of Cellular Anisotropy and Heterogeneity in Life
May 6 B. Kovacic, J. Rausch, R. Schonhuitt (CSU) Reserved for Honors Project Presentations
March 8 - April 1 Candidate Interviews Misc.

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Title
October 15 Alberto Ravagnani (Eindhoven) Structure of Codes for the Sum-Rank Metric
October 22 Francesca Gandini (Kalamazoo College) Degree bounds for invariant skew polynomials

Spring 2021

Date Speaker Title
January 29 David Duncan (JMU) Triangles and Princesses and Bears! Oh My!
February 26 Bhargav Karamched (Florida State) Mechanisms Underlying Spatiotemporal Patterning in Microbial Collectives: A Model’s Perspective
March 12 Seongjai Kim (Mississippi State) Mathematics of Digital Image Interpolation
March 26 Matt Evans (Oberlin College) Spectra of commutative BCK-algebras
April 9 Department of Math/Stat Faculty Discussion of Online Homework Systems for Future
April 12 - 16 Job Candidates Research Talks
April 30 K. Ball and S. Alfaro (CSU Math) Honors Undergraduate Research Presentations

Fall 2020

Date Speaker Title
September 18 Lori Ziegelmeier (Macalester College) Using Topology to Measure Dynamics of Time-Varying Systems
October 9 Sandra Elizabeth Delgadillo Aleman and Roberto Ku Carrillo A Mathematical Model for the Pest Control on a Broccoli Crop
October 16 Eliseo Sarmiento Rosales (National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico) Q-Borel Ideals
October 23 Magali Tournus (Ecole Centrale Marseille, France) A Wasserstein Norm for Signed Measures
October 30 Sara Jamshidi Zelenberg (Lake Forest College) Using randomness and learning to calculate Gröbner bases in a novel way
November 6 Claudiu Raicu (Univ. of Notre Dame) Equations and Syzygies for Varieties of Binary Forms
November 13 Arkadz Kirshtein (UMass Amherst) Mathematical Modeling of Colon Cancer Progression
November 20 Mehrshad Sadria (U. Waterloo) A Computational Model for Metabolism and Circadian Clock
December 4 Alexandra Seceleanu (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) Monomials, convex bodies, and optimization
December 7 Elisabeth Helmick (CSU Math Honors Student) Mathematics Honors Senior Project

Spring 2020

Date Speaker Title
January 31 Daniela Calvetti, Case Western Reserve University Computationally predictive models of integrated cerebral metabolism, electrophysiology and hemodynamics
February 7 COSHP Teaching Award Luncheon 12:00-1:30 in the Student Center
February 14 Sachin Gautam, Ohio State University Differential Equations and Monodromy Problems
February 21 Robert Short, John Carroll University Maximizing Flow over Space Networks using Temporal Graphs and Sheaves
March 20 (POSTPONED due to Extended Spring Break from COVID19) Hong Mei Li, Liaoning University (China) A Study on Systemic Risk in the Chinese Commercial Banks
March 27 (POSTPONED due to suspension from face-to-face activities from COVID19) Steve Szabo, Eastern Kentucky University TBD
April 10 (POSTPONED due to suspension from face-to-face activities from COVID19) Claudiu Raicu, Notre Dame University TBD
April 17  (POSTPONED due to suspension from face-to-face activities from COVID19) COSHP/COE Faculty Science Research Day

Fall 2019

Date Speaker Title
September 20 Alex Hoover, U. Akron From Nerve Net to Vortex Ring: A Computational Modeling Approach to Medusan Biomechanics
September 27 Peter Gordon, Kent State University Gelfand-type Problems for Turbulent Jets
October 4 Dan Florentin, CSU New Functional Polarity Inequalities
October 18 Steven Scheirer, Ashland Univ. Discrete Morse Theory and Topological Complexity of Unordered Graph Configuration Spaces
October 25 Alicia Prieto Langarica, Youngstown State Univ. Modeling the Long-term Effects of Thermoregulation on Human Sleep
November 15 Phuong Ngo, CSU Economics Stock Price Fluctuations and Productivity Growth
November 22 Felice Manganiello, Clemson University Reed-Muller codes with application to quantum computation and information retrieval

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Title
February 22 Zachary McCarthy, York University Linking influenza virus infection to risk of cardiovascular events: a mechanistic approach
March 22 Mykhailo Potomkin, Penn State University  Mathematics predicts discontinuities in dynamics of living cells

March 29

Luise-Charlotte Kappe, Binghamton University

On the nonabelian tensor product of cyclic groups of p-power order
April 5 Nara Yoon, Cleveland Clinic (LRI) Mathematical Modeling of Resistance to Anti-Cancer Drugs
April 12 Longhua Zhao, CWRU

Fluid-Structure Interactions with Biological Applications

April 26 Adam Van Tuyl, McMaster University ColloquiumAbstractAvanTuyl_Apr26_2019.pdf
May 3 Prayat Poudel, Centre College (KY) ColloquiumAbstractPrayatPoudel_May3_2019.pdf
May 7 Hermilo Sánchez-Cruz, Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes Coding and dominant point detection for shape-of-objects

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title
November 2 Gil Ariel, Bar Ilan University (Israel) Chaos and Levy walks in swarming bacteria
November 30 Semyon Alekser, Tel Aviv University (Israel) TBA
December 7 CSU Math Honors Students Honors Project Presentations (if needed)

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title

February 16

Ryan Vitale, Indiana University

Graphical Presentations of Tensor Categories

March 19

Frank Sottile, Texas A&M University

Galois Groups in Enumerative Geometry and Applications

March 30

Wanda Strychalski, CWRU

Continuous and Discrete Energy Based Methods for Accurate Force Computations on Shells in the Immersed Boundary Method

April 6

Ann Johnston, Penn State University

Registries-based Population Size Estimation: An Algebraic Statistics Perspective

April 10

Mark Hamilton, Mount Allison University (Canada)

Monodromy in classical and quantum mechanical systems 

Spring 2017


April 21st

Malena Espanol, Univ. of Akron

Deblurring Images with Mathematical Models

April 7th

Nick Scoville, Ursinus College (PA)

Towards a new digital homotopy

February 3rd

Peter Thomas, Case Western Reserve University 

Advances in phase reduction: discontinuous, stochastic, and singular oscillators

Fall 2016


December 2

Jon C. Freeman, NASA Glenn Research

Resolution of the Priority Dispute on the Special Theory of Relativity; Einstein, Poincare, Lorentz, Larmor, and Voigt

November 4

Andrew Jones, Florida A&M University

Gas Transport and Applications to Materials Processing

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title

April 10

Ali Tahzibi, University of Sao Paulo at Sao Carlos, Brazil

Coin Tossing and Fubini's Nightmare

February 4

Paul-Eugene Parent, University of Ottawa

Topological Complexity: A product formula

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title

November 21

Mark Hamilton, Mount Allison University

Independence of polarization in geometric quantization

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title

May 13

Linda Gojak, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

STEMM Education: Fostering School University Connections

April 2

Omer Bobrowski, Duke University

Phase Transitions in Random Cech complexes

February 7

Sandra Hurtado, Weill Cornell Medical College A Transformation Class for Spatio-temporal Survival Data With a Cure Fraction

February 5

Shanshan Ding, University of Pennsylvania Envelopes for Matrix-valued Regressions

February 3

Reza Ramezan, University of Waterloo

Multivariate Analysis of Neural Spike Trains: Skellam Process with Resetting and Its Applications

January 31

Mark Grant, Newcastle University, UK

Topological Complexity of Groups

January 29

Jose Gonzalez, University of British Columbia Some Ideas from Combinatorics, Commutative Algebra and Topology in the Realm of Algebraic Geometry

January 27

Javid Validashti, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Multiplicities and Distinguishing Singularities

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title

November 22

Jim Keener, University of Utah

The Mathematics of Life: Decisions, Decisions

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title

April 26

Alethea Barbaro, Case Western Reserve University

A mathematical view of fish migration

March 29

Vidit Nanda, University of Pennsylvania

Reconstructing manifolds and functions from noisy point samples

March 1

Dan Munther, Centre for Disease Modeling, York University Enhanced surveillance on food-borne disease outbreaks: Dynamics of cross-contamination in biocidal wash procedure

February 27

Kathleen Wilkie, Tufts University School of Medicine Mathematical Modeling of Immune-Modulated Tumor Growth

February 22

Christian Laing, Wilkes University

Analysis of RNA structures by using geometric shape descriptors

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title

November 27,
Tuesday, 2:50 PM

Flavia C. Sancier-Barbosa, Wittenberg University

Closing the memory gap in stochastic functional differential equations-CANCELED

November 16

Tony Shaska, Oakland University

Some remarks on the hyperelliptic moduli of genus 3

November 2

Steve Szabo, Eastern Kentucky University

Generalized Cyclic Convolutional Codes

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title

April 27

Rachelle Bouchat, Slippery Rock University

Edge Ideals, Path Ideals, and the Linear Strand

April 13

Maria Tjani, University of Arkansas

Closed range composition operators on Besov type spaces

March 30
4 PM, MC 136

Christine Franklin, The University of Georgia The Future of Introductory Statistics Courses and the Common Core State Standards in K-12

March 9

Mark Grant, The University of Nottingham Topology and Robotics

February 10

John Duncan, Case Western Reserve University

K3 surfaces, quantum black holes and a sporadic simple group

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title

December 2

Qi Chen, Winston-Salem State University

Topological Invariants Associated with Quantum Groups

November 4

Benjamin Nill, Case Western Reserve University

Ehrhart theory in practice

October 14

Don Edwards, University of South Carolina

Statistics and healthcare fraud investigations

September 30

Partha Srinivasan, Cleveland State University

Models of the Honey Bees Nest Site Selection Process

September 16

Michael Nowak, Northern Ohio Trauma System, Metro Hospital

On statistics related to trauma

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title

May 4

Mikhail Chebotar, Kent State University

Characterization of Lie maps and other questions connecting Lie algebra and Ring Theory

April 22

Zach Teitler, Boise State University Ranks of Polynomials

April 1

Kiumars Kaveh, University of Pittsburgh

Convex bodies and algebraic varieties

April 22

Jenya Soprunova, Kent State University Minkowski length of polytopes

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title

December 3

Victor Turchin, Kansas State University

Manifold calculus of functors

November 5

Janusz Adamus, The University of Western Ontario

Effective methods in geometry of polynomial mappings

October 21, Thursday

Benjamin Howard, University of Michigan

The invariants of n points on the line, and spatial polygons

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title

April 8, Thursday

Hema Srinivasan, University of Missouri, Columbia

Resolution of Certain Binomial Ideals

April 2

Rongling Wu, Pennsylvania State University

A Model for Functional Genome-wide Association Studies of Dynamic Traits

March 26

Yangjin Kim, University of Michigan - Dearborn Pattern Formation of Glioma Cells Outside the Tumor Spheroid Core

March 5

David Richter, Western Michigan University

A Survey of Ghost Symmetry

February 26

Matthew Kahle, Stanford University

Configuration Spaces of Hard Discs

February 12

Andrew Resnick, Cleveland State University, Physics

Fluid Mechanics

Fall 2009

Date Speaker Title

November 20

Shuying Sun, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis and a Maximization Problem

November 13

Elizabeth Meckes, Case Western Reserve University

When is normal normal? Approximation results for random measures

October 16

Sean Chang, Dreamworks

The Mathematics of Digital Entertainment - an Industry Perspective

October 2

Weihong Guo, Case Western Reserve University

Mathematical Approaches on Some Image Processing and Analysis Problems

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title

March 13

Tanujit Dey, The College of William and Mary

Fully Nonparametric Bayesian Analysis in Regression Model with Serially Correlated Errors

February 27

Mike Ferrara, The University of Akron

H-Linked Graphs

Spring 2008

Date Speaker Title

May 1, Thursday

K.T. Arasu, Wright State University

Sequences with good correlation properties

April 18

Sookkyung Lim, University of Cincinnati Simulation of blood flow in a compliant vessel by the immersed boundary method

April 11

Sergei Chmutov, Ohio State University

Graphs on surfaces and knot theory

March 21
4 PM - 5 PM

Dursun Bulutoglu, Air Force Institute of Technology

Classification of Orthogonal Arrays by Integer Programming
March 7
In Stilwell Hall 103

Hassan K. Khalil, Michigan State University

Conditional Servo/Integral Action in Nonlinear Control

Fall 2007

Date Speaker Title

November 30

Dima Ryabogin, Kent State University

On the local equatorial characterization of Zonoids

November 21 Wednesday in RT 502

Sean Chang, Dream Works Animation

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Generated Digital Entertainment

November 16

Jenia Tevelev, University of Massachusetts

Tropical Elimination Theory

November 8 Thursday

Kevin Woods, Oberlin College

Solving Lattice Point Problems Using Rational Generating Functions

October 19

Ualbai Umirbaev, Eurasian National University

Automorphisms of polynomial and free algebras

Spring 2007

Date Speaker Title

April 20

Yusu Wang, Ohio State Univesity

Geometric and Topological methods in protein structure analysis

April 13

Hema Srinivasan, University of Missouri, Columbia

Graded Resolutions, Multiplicity and Graphs

March 30 Webster West, Texas A & M University Adventures in Teaching with Technology

March 2

C.L. Chang, Cleveland State University

Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

February 23

Johannes Hatzls, University of Waterloo

The Lights Out Game: A Domination Problem with Parity Constraints

February 16

Artem Zvavitch, Kent State University

The Busemann-Petty problem for arbitrary measures

February 9

Frank Baginski, George Washington University

The Ups and Downs of Large High-Altitude Balloons