Mathematics and Statistics

Math Computer Labs

The Mathematics Department has three instructional computer labs and a state-of-the-art learning center, The Math Emporium located on the second floor of the library in Rhodes Tower 230, which are used extensively for numerous math courses.  The first three instructional labs, RT 1501, MC 435, and RT 403,  are not open-to-all, general-purpose university labs, yet serve as the ideal classrooms for courses that utilize specific math software to enhance learning. 

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lab_1501.jpgMath Lab (RT 1501)

Rhodes Tower 1501 is located close to the Mathematics faculty offices. It was first installed during the Summer of 1994 thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation and has been upgraded recently to include 37 desktop computers and an instructor podium with full multimedia capabilities.

lab_435.jpgMath Lab (BH 435)

Main Classroom 435 consists of 46 desktop computers and a fully functional multimedia instructor podium similar to RT 1501.


MathEmporiumBanner.jpgMath Emporium Lab (RT 230)

The main use of The Math Emporium, a 120 computer facility located in RT 230, is for students enrolled in MTH 87 (Basic Algebra), MTH 89 (Fundamental Algebra),  MTH 95 (Applied Algebra), and Emporium MTH 116 (Foundations of Quantitative Literacy), who will meet in The Math Emporium for all of their scheduled classes.

When seats are available, students enrolled in MTH 116, 117, 148, and 149 can use the Emporium to work on their online homework.

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Sat_lab_1530.jpgSatellite Lab (RT 1530)

In addition, on the 15th floor of Rhodes Tower in 1530, there is a small, 9-computer satellite lab for those times when students are unable to use the RT 1501 lab.

Beyond software provided on all university computers, Mathematics Department software includes Cabri GeometryII, Geogebra, Maple, Matlab, Minitab, SAS, SPSS, Logo, Fathom, MathType, MikTex, as well as ALEKS and MyMathLab capable web-browsers.

Rhodes Tower 403 located on the 4th floor of the library has 30 desktop computers. 

MLC.jpgThe Math Learning Center (BH 230)

Math Learning Center (MLC):  Math Learning Center is your source for free Mathematics Tutoring; homework assistance; and exam preparation. MLC is a drop-in center, so no appointment is necessary.  MLC is located in BH230.

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