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Outstanding Scholars - Spring 2024

CyennaUlrichCech.jpgOn Tuesday, May 7, 2024, the College of Arts and Sciences celebrated its top students of the Spring 2024 semester. Among them was college Valedictorian Cyenna Ulrich-Cech, who majored in Anthropology and Environmental Sciences and minored in Environmental Studies. Kevin Mueller, Associate Professor of the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences, spoke eloquently of Cyenna’s dedication and curiosity that have defined her academic journey so far. With a 3.97 GPA, she consistently earned placement on the President’s List and the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s List. Awarded grants and accolades, including CSU’s Undergraduate Summer Research Award and TRIO Scholastic Achievement Award, Cyenna’s work spans Anthropology and Environmental Sciences, focusing on topics such as leaf reflectance and the impact of soil dynamics on the health of CSU’s campus trees. Outside of her scholarly pursuits, Cyenna actively mentors her peers and serves as the Chess Club secretary. “Cyenna inspires us all at CSU,” Dean Andrew Kersten said at the gathering. “We look forward to hearing from her as she begins her life as a graduate student.”

–– A&S Valedictorian ––

Cyenna Ulrich-Cech
Majors: Anthropology; Environmental Sciences
Minor: Environmental Studies

The event also celebrated other exceptional scholars:

–– A&S Salutatorian ––

Carolyn Klima
Major: Mathematics (4+1)
Minor: Statistics

–– A&S Outstanding Scholars ––

Calvin Brown
Major: Film (Honors)

Ilan Cardenas-Silverstein
Major: Film (Honors)

Katelynn Frederick
Major: Psychology
Minor: Art

Emily Hyland
Major: Environmental Sciences (Honors)
Minors: Biology; Environmental Studies

Abigail Jarvis
Major: Theatre
Minor: Communication

Sydney Manderbach
Majors: Psychology (Honors); Criminology
Minor: Neuroscience

Melanie McGregor
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice

Aidan Woods
Major: Film

This event exemplifies the exceptional talent and dedication of the students, faculty, and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cleveland State University.

Outstanding_Spring 2024.jpg