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Dr. Mekki Bayachou, Faculty Mentorship Award

Cleveland State University’s College of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce that Dr. Mekki Bayachou, Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Associate Dean, has been awarded the inaugural Usha and Monte Ahuja International Graduate Student Faculty Mentorship Award from the CSU College of Graduate Studies. This prestigious honor highlights Professor Bayachou’s outstanding dedication to the academic and professional development of international graduate students in chemistry.

Dr. Bayachou expressed his gratitude saying: "I cannot thank my graduate students and postdocs enough for over two decades at CSU. They are the backbone of every bit of achievement in my lab. I can’t thank them enough, not only for this recognition, which means a lot to me, but mostly for trusting their graduate formative years to me and believing with me in the futures we’ve built and continue to build together.

The Usha and Monte Ahuja International Graduate Student Faculty Mentorship Award celebrates Professor Bayachou’s exceptional mentorship and unwavering support of international graduate students in their scholarly endeavors. This award serves as a testament to his significant impact on the academic journeys of aspiring chemists from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Throughout his tenure at CSU, Professor Mekki Bayachou has exhibited exemplary leadership and mentorship. His influence extends beyond the laboratory, inspiring students to achieve their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the field of chemistry.

Addressing all graduate students, Dr. Bayachou remarked, "Your hard work ultimately pays off with bright futures. You make us shine, and often we receive the credit. However, the hard work is yours. The resulting light is yours. The credit should be yours. Keep up the good work and keep shining."

The award underscores Professor Bayachou's role as a beacon of academic excellence and mentorship within the CSU community and beyond. College of Arts and Sciences Dean Andrew Kersten remarked that “Mekki’s dedication to guiding and empowering all graduate students, including those from other countries, exemplifies the university’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and academic achievement for all.”