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A&S Student Influencer Program

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Influencer Program was established in Fall 2023 at Cleveland State University. The Arts and Sciences Influencers (ASIs), are a team of undergraduate students trusted to representing the college both on campus and within the broader community. ASIs connect prospective students and their families, engage with current students, faculty, and administrators, and promote the College of Arts and Sciences in the community.

The Student Influencer program offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for the college, its students, and the Influencers themselves:

  • For the College of Arts and Sciences, this initiative optimizes resources by enhancing event staffing, expanding outreach efforts, and bolstering the college's social media presence.
  • For current and prospective students, the program fosters a welcoming environment and cultivates a shared sense of identity within the college community.
  • For the student influencers, participation in this program serves as a platform for developing and showcasing valuable soft skills essential for success in today's competitive workforce.

The 2023-2024 Arts and Sciences Influencer Cohort included the following students.

  • Samantha Brown, a music education major who is planning to graduate in spring 2025.
  • Carolyn Klima, a mathematics major with a minor in statistics and certificate in data analytics who will earn her bachelor’s degree in spring 2024 and remain at Cleveland State to complete her 4+1 program and earn her master’s degree in mathematics in spring 2025.
  • Maja Maricic, a first-year student majoring in graphic design.
  • Charlie Orians, a first-year student who is majoring in graphic design.
  • D’Lycia West, a biology: pre-med major who hopes to graduate in fall 2024.

Selection for the 2024-2025 cohort is in progress. Four of our five ASIs from the 23-24 cohort will return, and we will hope to add six additional ASIs to the team.

During the 2023-2024 year, the Arts and Sciences Influencer team helped plan College of Arts and Sciences events, served as ambassadors for Homecoming Week events, and helped welcome and be peer guides for prospective students at Admission events. Through the collaborative efforts of the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative (CTC), the ASIs also participated in their Success in the Arts and Sciences cohort. The ASI team met with the faculty contributors to the case studies for the CTC cohort and held discussions with faculty about their work. This involvement underscores the commitment to excellence and community engagement that defines Cleveland State University's College of Arts and Sciences.


Photo: D’Lycia West; Jesse Cunion, Assistant Dean of Student Services; Rochelle Lappis, Academic Advisor; Maja Maricic, and Charlie Orians.