Psychology Honors Program

The Psychology Honors Program is for undergraduate Psychology majors considering graduate-level education who want in-depth exposure to research in Psychology. Completing the Psychology Honors Program reflects a student’s independence, commitment to the field, and expertise in an area.

In the typical thesis-based track, a student in the Psychology Honors program registers for Psychology 495H (Honors Seminar) during the Spring semester of their junior year.  In this course, each student develops a proposal for research that, generally, will be conducted under faculty supervision during the following academic year. While conducting this project, the student registers for PSY 497H (Honors Project) and PSY 498H (Honors Project and Defense).

A student is expected to have completed PSY 312 (or PSY 412) and PSY 317 (or PSY 311 or MTH/STA 347) prior to beginning PSY 495H. With the permission of the instructor, a student may enroll in these courses concurrently with enrollment in PSY 495H.

Any psychology major in the University Honors Program or University Scholars Program is already a Psychology Honors student. For more information on the University Honors and Scholars Programs, please visit the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Honors College webpage.

Apply for Psychology Honors Program

To apply for the Psychology Honors Program, please complete the Psychology Honors Application

Please note the fall application deadline (November 6, 2023), as late applications will not be accepted.