Adult Development and Aging Current Students

Current Students

Students and their primary faculty advisors are listed below.

First-Year Cohort
  • Abigail Behrend (Cleveland; Dr. Allard)
  • Ryan Muskin (Cleveland; Dr. Allard)
  • Daniel Michaud (Akron; Dr. Bisconti)
Second Year Cohort
  • Bethany Cox (Cleveland; Dr. McLennan)
  • Nikolina Kravljaca (Akron; Dr. Stanley)
  • Aimee Trunko (Akron; Dr. Bisconti)
Third Year Cohort
  • N/A
Fourth Year Cohort
  • Claire Grant (Cleveland; Dr. Judge)
Fifth Year Cohort
  • Katelyn Frey (Akron; Dr. Bisconti)
  • Sara Lute (Akron; Dr. Allen)
  • Amanda MacNeil (Cleveland; Dr. Judge)
  • Morgan Minyo (Cleveland; Dr. Judge)
Sixth Year Cohort
  • Anthony Villalba (Akron, Dr. Stanley)
  • Jennifer Sublett (Akron, Dr. Bisconti) 

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