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Psychology is a field of study that covers a broad spectrum of topics that have real-world applications. As one of the university’s most popular majors for undergraduate students, Psychology serves as an excellent foundation for careers in healthcare, business, sales and marketing, social service, and education. Of course, the study of Psychology at the graduate level also serves as a gateway to, and preparation for, careers in research or applied Psychology.

Our faculty includes many outstanding scholars, some of whom are nationally and internationally recognized experts in a variety of areas. We offer an Honors program for students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree program; five different areas of specialization for those pursuing a Master’s degree; and a Specialist degree program in School Psychology. Our doctoral program in Adult Development and Aging, offered jointly with the University of Akron, continues to grow since it was established in 2008.

We strive to make our degree programs both meaningful and accessible. You can complete an undergraduate major in Psychology by taking all Psychology coursework in the evening, or take advantage of our partnerships with Lorain County Community College and Lakeland Community College, where you can earn a CSU Bachelor’s degree as a Psychology major by completing your coursework on the community college campuses.

Watch a video of Association for Psychological Science (APS) Executive Director Alan Kraut, giving a 2012 address explaining why Psychological Science is important!

Psychological Science Is Important from Psych Science on Vimeo.

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The Psychology Department invites applications for several undergraduate and graduate student scholarships; please note application deadlines, which may be different for various scholarships. View the Departmental Scholarships and Awards page for information and application forms.

The Department of Psychology is proudly associated with:

The Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology, a society constituted of Chairs and Heads of Departments of Psychology or other equivalent administrative units which are authorized to offer graduate degrees in psychology in institutions accredited by their regional accrediting association. 

The Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, an association of scientific societies interested in basic research on problems of behavior, psychology, language, education, and knowledge systems and their psychological, behavioral, and physiological bases. 

Trainers of School Psychologists is an organization for graduate training programs for specialist and doctoral school psychologists. TSP examins current trends in graduate education programs, supports professional growth opportunities to school psychology faculty, facilitates communication with field-based supervisors, and supporting legislative efforts that promote excellence in training. 

The National Association of School Psychologists, which approves graduate programs in School Psychology, certifies their compliance with rigorous educational program standards. 

The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which applies psychological methods to the scientific study of workplaces and relevant issues, including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organization development, performance, and work-life balance. 

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