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SPS Outreach to Bio-Med Academy

SPSoutreach1.jpgOn February 11, Physics Fridays outreach group of the CSU’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) visited the Bio-Med Academy in Rootstown, Ohio, where Janna Mino (BA Physics ’15) the former coordinator of the Physics Fridays and SPS vice president teaches physics. This trip was a part of the chapter’s Fabulous Light Waves middle/high school outreach program supported through the SPS 2022 Marsh White Award. Several SPS officers (Andrew Scherer, Patrick Herron and Jordan Miller) together with Physics Fridays co-founder and CSU alum Jim Pitchford and SPS advisor Dr. Streletzky brought demonstrations on the physics of sound and light to more than 100 seventh graders from BioMed Academy. The students learned about the wave nature of sound and lightSPSoutreach2.jpg during the lesson introduction and got hands-on small group interactive experience with a wide variety of the light phenomena including diffraction, dispersion, polarization, refraction, reflection, and a model of the human eye! The day ended with an open question and answer session where the kids got a chance to ask their burning questions on faster than light travel, quantum physics, and the color of the sky (at least some of them had to do with light waves!). CSU’s SPS looks forward to hosting BioMed students at the Physics Department in April and returning to Rootstown for the outreach next year.