Physics Graduate Programs

At the graduate level, the CSU Physics program offers a broad selection of both fundamental physics courses, as well as courses focused on experiential learning in specialized fields including optics, materials, and medical physics. Combined with opportunities for engaged learning, such as supervised research experiences and projects, and the availability of diverse research facilities, our programs provide unique experiences for building skills relevant for the high-tech industry, as well as for the successful transition into doctorate programs, if so desired. 

The Physics graduate program also has a long history of providing professional development opportunities for physics and science educators. With many of the classes being offered in late afternoon, our graduate programs are suited both for traditional students, as well as for students that work full-time during regular working hours.


  1. MS in Physics, Optics & Materials
  2. MS in  Physics, Applied Physics

For students currently pursuing their BS in Physics at CSU, there is also an option to pursue a 4+1 (BS+MS) program coupled with the Optics & Materials track. The program provides an accelerated path for students to finish both their BS, as well as their MS in Physics in five calendar years, instead of six. If interested in this path, contact the Physics Graduate Program Director.


For further information about the graduate programs please contact Dr. Petru S. Fodor, Physics Department Chair.