MS in Physics - Applied Physics Specialization


The MS in Physics – Applied Physics specialization allows scientists and engineers to pursue coursework and research that emphasize concepts and techniques particularly appropriate for applied physics. The program offers courses in optics, materials, biophysics, environmental physics, imaging, and modeling/theory to prepare students for a broad range of professional industrial, and academic positions. Experiential learning through research projects and the ability to take classes outside of the department enable students to customize their coursework to gain the knowledge needed for their specific career path.

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Please send inquiries to  Dr. Petru S. Fodor, Physics Department Chair.


To be considered for admission to this program students must meet the College of Graduate Studies requirements for admission ( and have an undergraduate degree in physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, or an allied field. Students with deficient backgrounds are required to register for additional coursework to remove deficiencies, per the recommendation of the graduate advisor.

Application materials include:

  1. Application Form and Fee (completed on the application website).
  2. Official Transcripts.
  3. Personal Statement.
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation.

International students whose undergraduate training is not in the United States might also have to submit results of English Proficiency Tests and meet the international admission requirements for graduate students posted at:


A minimum of 32 credits are required as follows:

  • 5 (five) PHY grad courses, except PHY598/699
  • At least 5 credits of research PHY598/thesis PHY699
  • PHY or other STEM courses 500 level or above to achieve 32 credit hours, approved by the graduate advisor.


Student support is available through a limited number of graduate assistantships. These are awarded at the discretion of the department. Decisions on these are made by the Department Chair and the Department Graduate Committee. The data in the table below reflects the levels of support in the academic year 2023-2024. The dollar amounts for the stipends vary from one semester to another depending on available departmental funds, teaching experience, and academic performance.




Typical number of new assistantships offered per year

Teaching Assistantship

stipend: $6,500/semester

tuition waiver: 9 credits/semester of tuition*

20 hours of TA per week


* Current tuition rates for all students including non-resident domestic and international, are posted at: