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USRA Poster Sessions Winners

During 2022 Fall Physics Poster Session on September 22, five physics majors presented their summer research projects supported by the Undergraduate Summer Research Award (USRA) program to the entire CSU community. The students presented the following posters:

  • Patrick Herron – On the Importance of Direct Measurement of the Specific Refractive Index for Microgels and Micelles (adviser Dr. Streletzky)
  • Collin Douglas – Understanding the Scattering by Polystyrene Microspheres (adviser Dr. Streletzky)
  • Jordan Miller – Achieving Reproducible Atomically Smooth AU(111) Surfaces (adviser Dr. Bickel)
  • Jacob Forester – What’s it like next to a cloud? (adviser Dr. Heus)
  • George Tomaras – Development of Micromixing Strategies Using Elements of Elongational Flow (advisers Drs. Fodor and Kothapalli)


Judges Tara Peppard and Dr. Jearl Walker reviewed each poster presentation during the event for the Physics poster competition. 

  • George Tomaras was awarded the first place by the Physics Department, and also placed 2nd overall by the CSU’s Office of Research. 
  • Jordan Miller was awarded the second place by the Physics Department.

Congratulations to George and Jordan!


All five students went on to present their posters at the 2022 Physics Congress (PhysCon) in Washington D.C. (Oct 5-7, 2022).