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Help Send CSU Students to PhysCon!

The 2022 Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Congress (PhysCon) brings together physics students, alumni, and faculty members for three days of frontier physics, interactive professional development workshops, and networking. It is the largest gathering of undergraduate physics students in the world! This even is supported by the American Institute of Physics and hosted by Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, anyone interested in physics is invited to attend. In 2019, a group of students traveled to Providence, RI to represent CSU at the 2019 PhysCon. Currently, CSU is putting together its 2022 student delegation to attend the next PhysCon in Washington DC in October 2022. This trip will provide an opportunity for CSU students to:

  • Bond with fellow physics students from across the United States and beyond.
  • Explore graduate programs, summer research opportunities, and career options.
  • Be inspired by renowned physicists (e.g. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell – discoverer of pulsars, Dr. John Mather – 2006 Nobel Physics Laureate, Dr. Jim Gates – supersymmetry expert).
  • Explore labs at the forefront of science & technology (e.g. NIST, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Green Bank Observatory, University of Maryland, Georgetown University).
  • Grow professionally through workshops on communication, inclusion, and leadership.
  • Present research to fellow students, potential graduate school advisors and employers.

The Department of Physics and CSU’s SPS chapter is humbly asking for donations to help fund this trip. Please consider helping our students to attend PhysCon 2022 by following the link below! 

PDF icon View the Flyer Here!