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Dr. Andrew Resnick Featured on Back Scatter of Physics Today

Andrew Resnick, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, has been featured on the Backscatter of Physics Today!Back Scatter: A six-Year Galactic Portrait. Dr. Andrew Resnick Photographs the Milky Way over 6 years and 2500 composite images

Over the last six years, Dr. Resnick has taken around 2500 pictures of the Milky Way galaxy while on vacation in North Carolina. He notes that one or two days during his trip, the sky would become sufficiently dark and clear for at least an hour or so to view the galaxy. All images were taken with a DSL Camera with a 105 mm lens, a shutter speed of 1 second, and an f-stop of f/2. The composite image was then generated by using the Astro Pixel Processor.

 Congratulations and thanks to Dr. Resnick for this wonderful Image!