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CSU Math Alum Wins National Award

Vladimir Sworski wins Pi Mu Epsilon National Award

Spring 2018 Mathematics Degree Awardee and COSHP Valedictorian Vladamir Sworski has won the council for Undergraduate Research Award for Outstanding Student Research at the annual Pi Mu Epsilon Award Ceremony at Mathfest, in Denver Colorado August 1-3, 2018.

To quote Chad Awtrey, Secretary-Treasurer of Pi Mu Epsilon, "this award is for the best overall presentation at MathFest." Dr. Stephen Gubkin (Assistant College Lecturer) in the Department of Mathematics mentored Vlad on his research and his talk. Dr. Leah Gold also helped Vlad prepare his talk for the competition.  There were 63 presenters at the conference drawn from Pi Mu Epsilon Chapters nationally. Pi Mu Epsilon is a national honor society for mathematics majors.  This is a prestigious award and the first time, to my knowledge, a CSU student has won it.  I have attached the program from the event and here is a description of Vlad’s talk.

Problem 21: An Exploration of Dial Rings, Vladimir Sworski, Cleveland State University

Imagine a game with a series of dials arranged in a ring. When one of the dials is turned, so too are the adjacent dials. Some of the dials will start straight up, others on their sides. Mathematically, how can we solve for a specific position? What is the minimal set of moves? We answer questions like these and more in an exploration involving linear algebra, a Multivariable Chinese Remainder Theorem, and module theory.

To hear a description of an additional work of Vlad (with Dr. Scott, Mathematics) in his own words watch his Dean's Dialogue Segment