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2020 Best Physics Teaching Awards

The work of the teaching assistants is one of the most vital roles in the success of our undergraduate teaching laboratories. Thus, it is our great honor to acknowledge our awardees for the 2020 Best Physics Teaching Assistants:

  • Priyanka Chaudhary, Best Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Samantha Tietjen, Best Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Congratulations to both of you! This is an award that is provided by the department to the teaching assistants who positively contributed to the overall success of the undergraduate teaching laboratories throughout the year.

Priyanka and Samantha thoroughly prepared for each of their weekly labs with detailed board notes and a complete analysis. Their demonstrations of the physics experiments and their notes were clear and helpful to our students. In addition, they were always professional in their interactions, guiding our students to have a positive laboratory experience. Lastly, given the unexpected on-line transition, they successfully managed to complete our adapted duties and ensure that this change went smoothly for everyone.

Once again, we congratulate both Priyanka and Samantha, and thank them for their outstanding contributions to the Physics Department laboratories.