School of Music

Professional Studies in Music Performance Certificate Program

This post-baccalaureate program is designed to offer an intensive course of study in music performance, chamber music, applied lessons, ensembles, and a recital as the backbone of the curriculum.

Students can work closely with the extremely talented and accomplished faculty of CSU’s School of Music, including the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra members. This program is offered to qualified candidates who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree in music and successfully pass an entrance audition. 

Audition Repertoire: GraduateAuditionRequirements.pdf  (*Exception: All students with percussion as their principal instrument, please refer to the following site:

For additional information regarding the application process, please contact Kate Bill in the Music Admissions Office of the School of Music at, or 216-687-5039.

To apply to this program, please visit the following:

CSU Performance Certificate in Music Performance

Professional Studies Certificate in Music Curricula
Instrumental Track: String, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion

  • MUA 6XX Applied study on major instrument 2cr
  • MUA 603 Recital Prep (2cr)
  • MUA 606 Repertoire (2 cr)
  • MUS 632 Solo Recital (2 cr)
  • MUS 502, 504, 506, 507 University Ensembles (2 semesters) (2 cr)
  • MUS 506 Chamber Music (2 cr)
  • Electives (4 cr)

Total number of credits: 16

Keyboard Track Requirements

  • MUA 611-612 Applied lesson (2cr)
  • MUA 603 Recital Prep (2cr)
  • MUS 632 Solo Recital (2 cr)
  • MUA 605 Pedagogy (2cr)
  • MUS 506 Chamber Music OR MUS MUS 516 Collaborative Piano (3 cr)
  • MUS 576 Keyboard Wellness Workshop (to be taken over two semesters) (2 cr)
  • Electives (3 cr)

Total number of credits: 16

Vocal Track Requirements

  • MUA 622 Applied lesson (621 is only 1cr. Hr.) (2cr)
  • MUA 603 Recital Prep (2cr)
  • MUS 632 Solo Recital (2 cr)
  • MUA 605 Vocal Pedagogy 2cr or MUA 606 Repertoire (2 cr)
  • MUS 501(University Chorus), MUS 505 (Chorale) or MUS 508 (Opera Workshop) (1cr)
  • MUS 501 (University Chorus) or MUS 505 (Chorale) (2cr)
  • 5 elective credits: to be chosen from a foreign language, MUS Chamber Music, MUA 605 (Vocal Pedagogy), MUA 606 (Vocal Repertoire), MUS 501 (University Chorus), or MUS 505 (University Chorus)

Total number of credits: 16