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Graduate Studies Admission Information

In order to pursue a graduate degree in music, you must be admitted to Cleveland State University's College of Graduate Studies.

Information on University admissions requirements, financial aid, and other general information may be obtained from Cleveland State's Graduate Admissions Office. All College of Graduate Studies admission requirements must be met.

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Formal Notification of Acceptance: After a review of applicants' transcripts and supportive documents relevant to the intended major track, the School of Music makes its recommendation for acceptance to the Graduate Program in Music to the College of Graduate Studies. The Graduate College sends successful applicants the notification of acceptance.


Dr. Andrew Rindfleisch || (216) 687-2029 ||

Entry Requirements: Students intending to earn the Master of Music degree in composition are required to submit a portfolio of representative works. This portfolio will be reviewed by the composition faculty who will recommend on its merits and on the potential of the applicant to complete graduate work. Submit your portfolio directly to the head of the Composition area.


Dr. Nicholas Klein || (216) 687-2104 ||
Dr. Angelin Chang || (216) 687-2036 ||
Dr. Birch Browning || (216) 687-3768 ||
Dr. Victor Liva || (216) 687-6931 ||
Bruce Golden || (216) 687-5060 ||
Luke Rinderknecht || (216) 687-5060 ||
Feza Zweifel || (216) 687-5060 ||

Entry Requirements: An audition is required prior to admission for all students intending to earn the Master of Music in performance. In the audition, which should be fifteen minutes or longer, the student must demonstrate performance proficiency with some stylistic breadth. An audiotape or videotape may be provided in lieu of an in-person audition, with prior approval of the head of the appropriate performance area.

*Graduate Percussion Auditions: Please refer to Percussion Homepage for instructions:

Music Education

Music Education
Dr. Heather A. Russell || (216) 687-5099 ||

Entry Requirements: Students planning to earn the Master of Music degree in music education must provide two letters of recommendation from supervisory personnel who can attest to their teaching ability. For those with teaching experience, this could be a principal, supervisor of music, or other administrators. For those who have not yet taught professionally, letters from university supervisors of student teaching and co-op teachers may be substituted.

Students intending to earn a Master of Music degree in music education must submit one sample of formal writing on any topic. Submissions will be evaluated by the music education faculty on the strength of content and on the use of the English language.

Degree Requirements for a Master of Music

A candidate for the Master of Music degree must fulfill a total of thirty credit hours in approved graduate courses.