Theatre and Dance

2022-2023 Courses

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Fall 2021 Master Class


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Unless designated otherwise, all Theatre & Dance classes take place at the CSU Arts Campus, 13th Street Building (formerly known as the Middough Building), located at 1901 E. 13th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114.

Courses listed below!

13th Street Building

Some upper-level Theatre and Dance courses require permission to register. If you need permission to register on CampusNet, please contact the instructor directly, or Kate Klotzbach (Administrative Coordinator) in the Department's main office at Please include your full name, student ID, semester, and the name of the course when requesting permission.



THE 101 Scenic Studio Practicum
THE 102 Main Stage Prod. Practicum
THE 103 Departmental Practicum
THE 111 Introduction to Theatre
THE 200 Prin of Technical Theatre
THE 201 Script Analysis
THE 212 History of the Theatre II
THE 225 Principles of Acting
THE 300 Stage Management
THE 303 Design Technology for Theatre
THE 311 Drama and Film
THE 325 Intermediate Acting
THE 328 Movement for the Actor
THE 371 Scene Design I
THE 381 Theatre Organization & Mgmt
THE 425 Advanced Acting
THE 430 Womn, Gndr & Sexlty in Theatre
THE 490 Professnl Theatre Internship
THE 491 Senior Project
THE 495 Theatre Seminar
   - Topic: Musical Theatre
THE 496 Independent Study

DAN 146 Jazz Dance I
DAN 148 Tap Dance II
DAN 153 Urban Dance Forms
DAN 156 Ballroom Dance
DAN 160 Contemporary Modern Dance I
DAN 170 Ballet I
DAN 200 Performance Practicum
DAN 201 Intro to Dance
DAN 260 Contemporary Modern Dance II
DAN 270 Ballet II
DAN 300 Dance Repertory & Performance
DAN 360 Contemporary Modern Dance III
DAN 370 Ballet III
DAN 410 Teaching Dance
DAN 460 Contemporary Modern Dance IV
DAN 493 Senior Project
DAN 496 Independent Study
DAN 498 Independent Study
DAN 499 Special Topics Dance

    - Topic: Pilates Mat Class