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Dance at CSU

The body says what words cannot. — MARTHA GRAHAM

Fall 2021 Dance Concert CSU Fall 2021 Dance Concert
CSU Fall Dance Concert 2021

The Dance Program at CSU offers a fusion of unique dance experiences with a wide variety of dance forms.

Guided by nationally renowned instructors and guest artists, students experience their dance studies in beautiful studios featuring a view of the city and lake. Students are presented with opportunities to create, perform, collaborate, choreograph, design, direct, and grow. The Dance program is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to participate in and view dance as a performing and creative art. The Dance Program emphasizes the art of individuals and ensembles as well as the power of dance for community well-being.  

NOTE: You do not need to audition to declare a major or minor in Dance. 


CSU Fall Dance 2021

All photos courtesy of Steve Wagner Photography (c)