Political Science Department

Master of Arts in Global Interactions (MAGI)

The Department of Political Science’s Master of Arts in Global Interactions (MAGI) is a professional program that prepares students for employment in private, nonprofit, international business, and governmental enterprises that have international operations. The program focuses on the development of skills needed in the modern, globalized marketplace.

UPDATE: As of Fall 2020

The MAGI program is no longer accepting new enrollments and the program is currently being deactivated. For current students with questions about completing the degree and for all general inquires, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Lewis (j.lewis07@csuohio.edu) and/or see our PSC Advising page for additional contact information.

Required Courses

The MAGI degree consists of a total of 36 semester credit hours. It includes a five-course core (20 credit hours), one of two areas of concentration (12 credit hours), and an exit program.   

The five required core courses are:
PSC 501 Seminar in Applied Theories of  International Relations
ECN 582 International Economics
PSC 502 Seminar on International Political Economy
PSC 503 Political Risk, Early Warning  and Conflict Management
COM 670 International Negotiation Strategy and Intercultural Communication Practices


You may select either of two concentrations: Global Business Interactions or Global Political Interactions. Each consists of three courses each. You should select your specialization according to your career goals. For information on specific courses that are required for each concentration, please see the Graduate Catalog.

Exit Requirement

The MAGI Exit Curriculum consists of 5 credits and is designed to enhance your skills in individual and group problem-solving. It includes a three-credit-hour internship, the completion of an Exit Project, and a program in cross-cultural awareness.

All MAGI students will take a three-hour internship or will engage in an international learning/study experience equivalent to a three-semester hour course. Wherever possible, they will be placed abroad with business, government agency, or non-governmental organization conducting global transactions. Students will be expected to develop a specific project with measurable results.

Exit Project
All MAGI students will take a two-hour course designed to stress team problem-solving skills. Students will design and implement a project involving commercial transactions, or address a global problem from a service-oriented approach.

Cross-Cultural Awareness
Employers have consistently pointed to the need for master’s program graduates to gain an enhanced capacity to interact with and live in foreign societies and cultures. In the MAGI program, you will have ample opportunity to enhance your cross-cultural awareness through:

  • MLA 502 Intercultural Competence - 2 credits