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Political Science/International Relations

What are some of the professional organizations may I join ?

The American Political Science Association (www.apsanet.org), International Studies Association (www.isanet.org) or any of the professional associations for a given area of the world that may interest you, such as the African Studies Association or the Asian Studies Association.

What are some skills/aptitudes required for the IR major?

You need to be a good student since the field is very competitive. You need to be able to write clearly and to do documentary research. It helps to know at least one language in addition to English.

What are some of the job opportunities can I look for now and later for my career in International Relations?

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Teaching at various levels
  • Working for think tanks (defense, foreign policy, development)
  • Working on non-governmental organizations
  • Working in marketing or management for the private sector
  • Companies that operate abroad and for foreign-owned companies that operates in the U.S.
  • Working for government in the Foreign Service (Department of State, cultural affairs (USIA), the intelligence community, the international development agencies (USAID)
  • Working for international organizations such as the UN, World Bank, etc.
Departmental Features

Study Abroad

China (Suzhou); Germany; France (Clermont) and other countries can be arranged through the Center for International Services and Programs.


The Department of Political Science offers internships for political science majors, political science majors with public service specialization, and international relations majors.

Services Courses

The Department of Political Science offers a large number of courses that fulfill University Curricular Requirements.


Distinguished Student Award, Distinguished Senior Seminar Paper Award, Outstanding Student Intern Award, Membership in Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society.