News & Announcements

Recent Success of CSU Math Faculty and Students

There have been a number of positive recent stories associated with the CSU Math Dept. Faculty and Students.  Here is a brief summary and congratulations to all those involved:

  1. Congratulations to Prof. Srinivasan and Prof. Munther!  They, together with Chandra Kothapalli from CSU Engineering, are PIs on a $250K grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The title of their project is “Modeling Pathogen Cross-Contamination and Chlorine Dynamics in Fresh Produce Wash-Cycles".
  2. Congratulations to Prof. Hurtado Rua!  She has been awarded a CSU FRD (Faculty Research and Development) grant.  The title of her project is “A Bayesian model for making group inferences from MRI data.”  This marks the third FRD grant for our department (following the success of Prof. Srinivasan and Prof. Munther as well as Prof. Fan and Prof. Wu.)
  3. Congratulations to our Math Students!  Prof. Gold and Prof. Margolius accompanied 14 mathematics students to the Ohio MAA conference in Dayton this past weekend.  Six of the students (as well and Prof. Gold and Prof. Margolius) gave talks and two student teams competed in the undergraduate mathematics competition (one team came in 4th! - Benjamin Smith, Zhongyu Liu, and Tahir Butt and the second team was Robert Scuba, Joseph Zito, and Jeffrey Jones).  The speakers were Naira Chovelidze, Brad Stricklen, Galina Lozitsky, Laural Ivary, Anthony Sulak and Bethany Hruschak.  Thank you Prof. Gold and Prof. Margolius for your efforts on behalf of our students!
  4. Congratulations to our SPTs!  Twelve of our STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs), accompanied by Dr. Carver, attended a Supplemental Instruction Workshop in Chicago two weeks ago.  Arrayed in their green SPT T-shirts, their impact was noticed immediately.  Many faculty from other schools barraged them with questions on how we have implemented our supplemental instruction.  Thank you Dr. Carver for your efforts on behalf of OperationSTEM and our SPTs!
  5. Congratulations to our LSAMP Scholars!  Fifteen of our LSAMP scholars attended the LSAMP STEM conference in Cincinnati on Friday and Saturday.  The theme of the conference was “Empowerment through our shared Vision”  I am told our underrepresented STEM students had a great time networking with other STEM students from around the state.  Thank you Elaine Barnes for your efforts on behalf of our students!
  6. Congratulations to Zach McCarthy!  Zach has been named CSU Graduate Student of the Year!  He will be recognized at the University Awards and Recognition Ceremony on April 20th.  Thanks to Dr. Stone, Prof. Munther, and Prof. Ryan for your nomination materials!
  7. Congratulations to Shawn Ryan!   With Physics Professor Thijs Heus, he just learned that their request for Undergraduate Research Funding has been approved.  The title of their project is “Modeling the shape and size of cumulus clouds.”

Congratulations to everyone for these exciting developments in the CSU Mathematics department!