Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

BGES Emeriti Faculty

Emeriti faculty members in the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences were members of the department prior to their retirement and have chosen to retain their title; they may or may not have an active connection with the department.

Abbed Babaei CSU
structural geology, deformation fabrics of the shear zones, geochemical and tectonic interpretation of ophiolitic complexes
F. Paul Doerder CSU
genetics and cell biology:  molecular genetics of Tetrahymena cell-surface proteins; genetic regulation of differential gene expression; cytogenetics of ciliate macronuclei; ciliate population genetics
A. Ralph Gibson CSU biology
Cecilie A. Goodrich    
Harry van Keulen CSU
biochemistry and molecular biology: 1) molecular biology of protozoan parasites; structure, organization and expression of genes in Giardia; 2) plants and bioremediation
Sally Lewis    
Howard H. Lo CSU
Jerome B. Senturia    
James M. Willard    
Home Institution Research Area
CSU - Cleveland State University
CCF -  Cleveland Clinic Foundation
CWRU - Case Western Reserve University
JCU - John Carroll University
CBG - Cleveland Botanical Garden
CMP - Cleveland Metroparks
CMZ - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
CMNH - Cleveland Museum of Natural History
CMB - Cell and Molecular Biology
OEB - Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
GEO - Geology
ESC - Environmental Science
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