Certificate Program in Forensic Chemistry

The certificate program is geared towards preparing the student for work in most sections of the forensic laboratory, including trace, drugs, arson, and toxicology. Recently, there has been a significant increase in interest in the forensic science profession. While not all of the portrayals of forensic scientists on television accurately show the actual work of the forensic scientists, a lot of interest was generated among the public, providing us with a great opportunity to attract more students into chemistry.

The Master of Science Program

The Master of Science degree in chemistry is designed for both full-time and part-time students. It provides advanced training for those who wish to further their careers in industry, laboratory medicine, or teaching, as well as students who feel the need for more study before pursuing a Ph.D. or MD. The MS program in chemistry offers both thesis and non-thesis options

The Ph.D. program in Clinical/Bioanalytical Chemistry Program jointly offered with the Cleveland Clinic

The Ph.D. program in Clinical/Bioanalytical Chemistry is offered jointly by Cleveland State University and the Lerner Research Institute of The Cleveland Clinic. The program is also affiliated with the Rammelkamp Center for Education and Research of the MetroHealth Medical Center of Cleveland.

This unique program attracts students from all over the world. Clinical/Bioanalytical Chemistry applies the knowledge of chemistry and, in particular, chemical analysis to the study of the origins and diagnoses of diseases. Graduates of this Ph.D. program are employed in many clinical- bioanalytical settings. They become directors of clinical laboratories and research scientists in biomedical and biotechnology fields, in invitro diagnostics, in reference and analytical laboratories, in academic institutions, and in many other settings.

This world-renowned Ph.D. program was established in 1973 and has granted doctoral degrees to over 100 students. Currently, 15 faculty from CSU and 305 faculty from LRI are participating in the training of 52 doctoral students.

Visit the Faculty and Research page for a list of CSU, LRI, and other adjunct faculty; plus links to their profiles and research interests.

Graduate Assistantships covering tuition and a competitive stipend are available.