Office of the Dean

Visiting Committee

The purpose of the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) Visiting Committee is to provide frank guidance and support to the College of Arts and Sciences in its mission to graduate a highly skilled and trained workforce of talented, educated graduates in the Arts and STEM fields who highly employable, not only in the greater Cleveland area but across the US; and to prepare our students to enter both research and professional graduate programs. 

The members of A&S Visiting Committee are exceptional community leaders who selflessly have chosen to volunteer their time, treasure and talent (as succinctly stated by our past VC Chair, Tom Hopkins). Our Visiting Committee consists of individuals who bring a variety of areas of expertise, interests and professional contacts in the community to assist and challenge the College to reach our fundamental goals.

Visiting Committee members:

  • Andrew Passen
  • Jeff Davis 
  • Niko Frangos
  • Jeff Gardner
  • Steven Lake
  • Vijay Iyer
  • Rhonda Kusper
  • Jack Matejka
  • Kurt Packer
  • Elaine Price
  • Deborah Riczo
  • George Stark
  • Dave Watterson