Neuropsychology and Memory Assessment Lab


My work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1996-2003) and the Department of Neurosurgery at Sheba Medical Center in Israel (1996-2004) led me to explore the possibility of breaking down existing psychological tests into sub-components. My book, entitled the Quantified Process Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment, (Poreh, 2006) outlines the main maxims of the paradigm, and a review of methodological obstacles facing researchers. The clinical utilization of the Quantified Process Approach led me to develop curve-fitting models that rely on meta norms for various measures (Poreh, 2005; Poreh & Sultan, 2012;  Bezdicek, Motak, Axelrod, Preiss, Nikolai, Vyhnalek, Poreh, & Ruzicka, 2012; Bezdicek, Stepankova, Motak, Axelrod, Woodard,  Preiss, Nikolai,  Růžička, & Poreh, 2014).  In addition to my work in the area of neuropsychological assessment, I have published a number of articles stemming directly from my clinical work and collaborations with colleagues. One such article is the case of DA, a patient with bilateral damage to the fornix.