The Cleveland Child and Adolescent Research in Education (C.A.R.E.) Lab


Shereen NaserDr. Shereen Naser received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Texas in Austin and her graduate degree from Tulane University. She spent some time as a practicing School Psychologist in New Orleans before committing to a career in research and teaching. Her main interests include helping to build school capacity to address the varying needs of students struggling behaviorally and emotionally. She is also interested in building these systems in a way that addresses the needs of diverse students and families.

Graduate assistants include Mary-Ellen Kaucheck, and Khadeja Najjar, both current students in CSU’s psychology programs (School Psychology and Clinical Psychology). Undergraduate students in our lab include Rokeishia Smith, Davlon Johnson and Alissa Mullen. Students work collectively on ongoing projects, participate in reading groups, and actively lead their own research projects.