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The Galleries at CSU

The gallery program consists of art exhibitions and related educational programs that feature noteworthy works of art of global significance with a focus on contemporary art practice. Curated exhibitions dealing with important esthetic, social, and critical issues, locally based biennial exhibitions that serve the Northeast Ohio community, and annual juried student exhibitions round out the gallery schedule.

Exhibitions are conceived to teach by way of first-hand experience of original works of art. The mission is to educate, edify, and involve diverse audiences by presenting content that promotes the understanding of art and its relationship to society. The Galleries also serve as a laboratory for the creation, study, contemplation, and critical analysis of works of art and their context. In addition, students have an opportunity to gain professional experience, learn job skills in the museum field, and gain knowledge about the art market and the business of art in the context of a professional gallery setting.

The Galleries at CSU are widely recognized as a major contributor to the cultural life in the region. The annual attendance is in the tens of thousands and includes various audiences such as students, scholars, ethnic and professional communities, the interested public, and visitors from all parts of the United States, and abroad. The Galleries are funded by Cleveland State University College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences with support from the Ohio Art Council, philanthropic foundations, and generous individuals.

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