Art and Design

Studio Art


Students in Studio Art study the techniques and creative processes of Studio Art disciplines for the purpose of personal expression, aesthetic experience, and visual communication of themes and ideas. CSU offers classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and ceramics. 

Each Studio Art discipline has a special focus based on facilities and instructor expertise.
  • Drawing: Observational and expressive, including courses in life drawing, illustration, and watercolor
  • Painting: Realistic painting from life and expressive painting from imagination
  • Sculpture: An exploration of contemporary sculpture through a variety of fabrication methods including but not limited to work in ceramics, wood, plaster, metal and casting
  • Printmaking: Etching, aquatint, linocut, and lithography with an emphasis on concepts
  • Photography: Technical and artistic aspects of photography, including digital and traditional methods, lighting, and composition to develop content, themes, formal approaches, and personal style
Studio Art students learn:
  • The basics of 2D and 3D art, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, and photography
  • Advanced techniques in studio art disciplines of their choice
  • How to develop personal, unique, and thought-provoking imagery and forms
Studio Art Career Paths
  • Artist
  • Photographer
  • Illustrator
  • Art Director
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Art Educator
  • Museum curator
  • Art Conservator
  • Nonprofit management
  • Art Therapist
  • Arts Administrator
  • Conservator
  • Future MFA study

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