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Our degrees are designed to allow students to explore topics that interest them.

In upper-division classes, for example, Design students get to determine the medium and format for their projects. Within Studio Art, students can focus on a discipline, like photography or sculpture, or broaden their approach to develop skills in multiple mediums. Seminars taught by Art History faculty allow students to focus on areas they want to learn more about.

There is no portfolio requirement to apply for admission to programs within the Department of Art and Design. All students are welcome to apply regardless of experience with software, technique, or prior education in the arts.

The Department of Art and Design is located in the CSU Arts Campus and offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in three concentrations and four minors:

Art History Art History
Graphic Design Graphic Design
Studio Art Studio Art
                                           Visual Studies (for non-majors)

If you have additional questions, reach out to our advisors or schedule a tour!

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