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The Psychology Club Produces a Podcast Series

The Psychology Club's podcast series started as a few interviews that the Psychology Club recorded with faculty members. Spearheaded by Kevin Jaworski and Madhwa Galgali, and under the leadership of then-president Ernest Oleksy, the primary aim of the podcast was to discuss psychology research that was being done at Cleveland State University in a fun and accessible manner.

Kevin and Madhwa, who are both graduate students in the Department of Psychology at CSU, have interviewed seven faculty members about their research.  These podcasts cover a range of psychological topics such as language and cognition; education and mental health; stigma about mental health; the role of emotion regulation in aging and psychopathology; how people come to terms with existential issues like death, freedom, and meaning in life; as well as Aristotelian virtues and happiness. 

As Kevin and Madhwa continue their education beyond the environs of CSU, the Psychology Club will continue to interview more faculty members and produce more podcast episodes under the enthusiastic leadership of up-and-coming Psychology Club members.