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Fall 2022 Department of Psychology Award Winners


The Department of Psychology is proud to present our Fall 2022 Outstanding Student and Faculty Awardees! Winners were announced at a ceremony held in December at Mather Mansion. Awards were presented for Oustanding Faculty Research, Outstanding Undergraduate Student, and Outstanding Graduate Student (School, Psychological Science, I/O, Clinical, and ADA). Winners are (from left to right in the photo):

Dr. Andy Slifkin (Outstanding Faculty Research Award)

Elizabeth White (Outstanding Graduate Student in School Psychology)

Ashley Seeling (Outstanding Graduate Student in Psychological Science)

Mitchell Weisgerber (Outstanding Graduate Student in Industrial-Organizational Research)

Ishita Munshi (Outstanding Graduate Student in Clinical Psychology)

Veronika Stropko-Joregensen (Outstanding Undergraduate Student)

Amanda MacNeil (Outstanding Graduate Student in Adult Development and Aging)

Congratulations to all of our award winners for their indelible accomplishments and contributions to the Department of Psychology and CSU as a whole!