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Dr. Naser Selected Mentor of the Year (Trio)

The Department of Psychology’s Dr. Shereen Naser has been named a Mentor of the Year for the TRIO McNair Scholars Program. 

The Cleveland State University TRIO McNair Scholars Program's goal is to increase diversity in academia by preparing talented and eligible undergraduates for applying to Ph.D. programs.  The students selected to be McNair Scholars will participate in programming designed to build their resume (curriculum vitae, CV) and improve the chances of being accepted by graduate schools. You can find more information about the TRIO McNair Scholars Program here.

Dr. Naser currently works with two McNair scholars as a disciplinary mentor. Even during the pandemic, she’s made time to help both students and guide them as they worked on their research projects, each project being at different developmental stage. Consequently, Dr. Naser’s mentees have a deep understanding of their research projects and are proficient in all aspects of them, including their hypothesis, methodologies, and findings. Dr. Naser was recently a non-disciplinary mentor to another student in TRIO McNair Scholars Program as well. Her guidance to these scholars has helped them prepare for their individual goals, including attending graduate schools.

Congratulations Dr. Naser!!!