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Dr. Andrew Slifkin appointed Associate Editor with the journal "Biomechanics and Control of Human Movement"

The Department of Psychology’s Dr. Andrew Slifkin was recently appointed to the role of Associate Editor with the journal Biomechanics and Control of Human Movement (a specialty section of Frontiers in Sports and Active Living).

The section Biomechanics and Control of Human Movement aims to publish papers that provide a foundation for the optimization of human movement, by contributing to our understanding of the interaction of musculoskeletal biomechanics and neural control. The focus will be on mechanistic studies into the effects of interventions on performance and injury risk.

The section will publish original research and systematic as well as narrative reviews addressing:

  • Mechanics and control of basic and complex motor skills
  • Effects of aging and disease on the mechanics and control of motor skills
  • Effects of training/learning on the mechanics and control of motor skills
  • Mechanical and control-related determinants of movement-related injury risk
Congratulations Dr. Slifkin!