School of Music

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music degree is designed for students whose interests are not fully encompassed by any of the more specialized degree tracks. Students have the same core requirements as other students in Music theory, Musicianship, Piano skills, and History, but have fewer applied requirements. It is usually the case that students in this degree program have other interests that will shape their studies. These may include business, arts management, psychology, communications, or any other field of study. The BA in music is designed to accommodate this diversity while still providing a thorough grounding in fundamental musical skills.

The capstone of the degree program is the Senior Project, typically completed in the student’s final semester. This is a self-designed project, which explores a subject of particular interest. It may take the form of a research paper, a presentation, a presentation with a performance component, a recording project, or any other format that demonstrates the student’s achievement. The student is responsible for finding an advisor for this project who has knowledge of the field in question and can guide the student in their work, as well as two other committee members who will review the project an assign a grade.

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