History Department

History Major Advising Program

What to expect...

Please read through this entire page carefully; pay particular attention to the full list of responsibilities laid out in the section on Declaring a Major so that the process will not be unduly delayed. Once you are officially "on board," you will be able to turn to your advisor for a wealth of information, not only on academic matters but for information on career opportunities, internships, sources of financial aid, and useful related courses taught in other departments. Look, too, for opportunities to learn more about library search techniques and how to use the Seminars for History Majors program.

Your Academic Advisor

You are urged to meet with your academic advisor in the History department on a regular basis and must do so prior to each semester in which you plan to enroll before you sign up for your courses. At these advising sessions, your major field requirement check sheet will be updated, and advice will be given on course selection; you will have an opportunity to ask about future plans, academic skills issues, internship opportunities, and graduate school or career preparation. Establishing a good personal relationship with your academic advisor is also useful when the time comes to ask for written references or letters of recommendation for future employment or graduate school application.

Completing the Major

When the Department of History receives your graduation application form, the department secretary will send you a letter to remind you to set up a formal "exit interview" that will include the History Major Exit Interview form. At the interview, you will be asked to submit a completed copy of the form, two short essays and a copy of what you consider o be representative of your best written work completed as part of a history course taken while at Cleveland State University. You will be requested to submit to the department reports of any assessment exams you may have taken (GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GDE, GMAT) as part of the graduate school application process or in seeking secondary teaching certification. This information and the interview will provide you the opportunity to critique the History Major program and give the department resources with which to make its own assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

Again, because the "exit interview" is key to long-range assessment strategies required by the University, you must have completed the process and submitted the requested materials before the department will approve your graduation application. Be sure to keep this in mind as you near your expected graduation date.

Other Advising
The advising you receive from your faculty advisor in the History Department will only cover the requirements for the major. Advising for your college and General Education requirements is provided by the A&S Advising Office in CB 279 (216.687.5040). Social Studies students should also work with an advisor in the education to monitor the requirements for the Minor in Secondary Education.