History Department

The Process of Declaring a Major in History or Social Studies

  • Obtain a History/Social Studies Major Declaration form from the Department of History secretary in Rhodes Tower (RT) 1319.
  • Schedule an initial advising appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Chair of the Department through the Department secretary at 216.687.3920.
  • Before your scheduled initial advising session, complete the requested essays and questions on the History/Social Studies Major Declaration form. When you appear for the initial advising session, you will be asked to submit this paperwork together with a current representative writing sample. These materials will be kept in your advising file and compared with materials obtained at the time you complete your major requirements and are about to graduate (as part of a University-mandated academic assessment program). As such, both the History/Social Studies Major Declaration form and the writing sample are required portions of the declaration of major process and must be submitted before you can be officially registered as a history/social studies major.

The Declaration form asks why you wish to major in history/social studies, what you expect from the program, what your current career plans are, and how a major in history/social studies might contribute to achievement of your chosen goals. You also will be asked to write a short essay exploring what you identify as the value of history in general and with specific reference to an understanding of the nature of the human experience in today’s world.
Prior to your first advising session, review College and University graduation requirements and the description of the major program of study found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Also bring with you to your initial appointment a recent copy of the academic advising check sheet obtained from the office of CLASS Advising located in Chester Building (CB) 279 which indicates the status of your progress towards meeting College and University graduation requirements.
  • At your initial interview, we can clarify and expand on any questions you may have about the academic major and/or any of the other programs provided through the Department of History. If appropriate, consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies about your current schedule and the courses in which you plan to enroll during the coming semester.
  • You will be assigned an academic advisor chosen from the Department’s full-time faculty by the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies. You should plan to meet with your advisor at least once a semester before registering for classes.