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Two Minds ... One Canvas

October 25, to December 7, 2013
Artist Talk and Book Signing with Jo Gelbard, Saturday, October 26 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm

In the South Gallery: Two Minds ... One Canvas: The Collaborative Work of Jo Gelbard and Miles Davis, an exhibition of original artwork by Jo Gelbard as well as collaborative works with the late Jazz legend Miles Davis. Presented in partnership with The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra.

In 1984, a chance encounter in a New York elevator resulted in an enduring personal relationship and an unexpected artistic collaboration between Miles Davis and Jo Gelbard. Having studied fine art from an early age, Jo agreed to teach Miles the basic techniques of painting in an effort to enhance his natural drawing ability.

Although delighted with the colors and textures of acrylic, Miles soon became impatient with his progress and requested that Jo correct one of his canvases. She reluctantly surrendered to his suggestion and their collaboration was born.

Much like his sound, Miles’ hand produced delicate silhouettes unlike Jo whose hand was bold and geometric. Whimsical colorful graphic designs gradually gave way to darker troubled content, which reflected the decline of Miles’ health and feelings about mortality. Their intense connection and passion will forever be visible in their art which began and ended in an expression of love.

Miles Davis and Jo Gelbard

In 1984 Miles Davis and Jo Gelbard began an artistic collaboration which lasted until his death in 1991. Miles had previously dabbled with drawing but during his relationship with Jo, they embarked upon what would become an important means of artistic expression for both individuals.”The Art of Miles Davis” published by Simon and Shuster in 1989, featured both artists in their Soho studio with their paintings.

Their work has been exhibited in the Whitney Biennale, New York City, The Montreal Museum of Art, and the Musee De La Musique, Paris. Since 1991, Jo has also exhibited her solo work along with parts of the collaborative collection in Cork Street, London, Rotterdam and on the Isle St Louis, Paris.