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FMA Quick Contacts

Production Forms and Signage

Equipment Cage
  • Equipment reservations are made via the WebCheckout Patron Portal.  Please view this video for step-by-step instructions.
  • The FMA Equipment Cage Policy is intended to serve as a guide for the use of the school's equipment, in an effort to minimize the potential for damages and to increase the availability of equipment.   
  • This video shows the process of picking up and returning equipment at the equipment cage.
  • Equipment Cage borrowers are required to report any damage, loss, or theft of CSU School of Film & Media Arts owned and operated equipment as soon as possible and submit a completed copy of this form within 24 hours of the incident.
The School of Film and Media Arts equipment is only available for use by film students and faculty.

Location Information 

Information and Forms for Locations at the Film School Building, On-Campus and Off-Campus

Set Safety and Setiquette

Actor Database and Celtx Pre-Production and Script Writing Studio Access 
  • The FMA Actor Database is a resource for film students and faculty to aid in casting student productions.  It is held in the Preproduction Material workspace on the Nexis server and can be browsed from any classroom or lab computer.  Off-line access is provided upon request.
  • Celtx ( is an all-in-one, online solution for writing, planning, and managing media production. Students enrolled in courses using Celtx are invited to join the FMA Studio at the beginning of the semester.  Follow these instructions to produce pdfs of Lined Scripts, Directing Charts, Location Surveys, scripts with handwritten notes or other documentation to be uploaded into Celtx.
  • Students preparing the budget for their class production can use the FMA Day Rates guide for crew, cast and equipment.

School of Film & Media Arts Facebook Group

FMA Group Facebook LinkCurrent FMA students are encouraged to join the CSU School of Film & Media Arts private Facebook group to learn about open internship and job opportunities, contest and scholarship notices, and advertisements for relevant on and off campus events. This group also acts as a forum where students can post about anything film school-related, from crew and audition calls to film club meetings and events, and even posts about finding roommates or ride shares. To join the CSU School of Film & Media Arts group, search this private groups name on Facebook or click on the Facebook icon above.  Once you ask to join, you will be able to see the current posts and have the ability to make your own posts to the group.