Prior Trainees

Hala Osman

halaosman.jpgI am a Ph.D. student in Applied Biomedical Engineering. I have always been fascinated by biological sciences and engineering. I am interested in interdisciplinary research because it bridges the gap between the clinical and engineering worlds, with innovative solutions for critical problems. It was my desire to learn, invent, and teach that led me to continue my education towards a doctoral degree in applied biomedical engineering.

My dissertation work in the lab of Dr. Debbie Espy in the School of Health Sciences involves investigation of the effects of multiple exercise intervention methods on gait instability and reactive balance responses among people who have had a stroke. Community-dwelling stroke survivors have a high risk of falling in response to unexpected external perturbations during walking; Regaining balance abilities after a stroke is imperative.

As a biomedical engineer, the focus of my study is to develop quantitative and behavioral measures of responses to induced falls to assess fall risk and fall resistance.

I plan to continue working in this career path that because this line of work can unlock understandings of gait instability in pathologies such as strokes.