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Cleveland State University offers Public History Internships as an integral part of its Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree programs. Internships are ideally suited for students who contemplate careers using their History degrees.

Internships typically take place in museums, historical societies, libraries and archives, heritage tourism sites, national and regional parks, urban revitalization organizations, and oral history projects. While internships usually occur at Northeast Ohio sites, it is possible to coordinate internships beyond the region during the 12-week summer session.

Internship Guidelines

Any undergraduate who has completed three 300- or 400-level History courses or any graduate student who has completed two 500- or 600-level History courses and who has a minimum 3.0 GPA is eligible to seek an internship for CSU credit.

Preparing Students for Meaningful Careers

Internships provide training in various public history and museum-related skill sets. Students learn techniques such as researching and developing public exhibits, preparing educational plans in concert with state standards, creating inventories and finding aids for museum and archival collections, conducting and analyzing oral histories, managing and conserving museum collections, assisting with public programming, curating digital media, and managing social media outreach.

Interns work closely with an internship supervisor to design and develop a project that provides a meaningful learning experience and leads to a significant contribution to a museum or other history- or art-oriented organization. Their contact with experienced practitioners gives them a real sense of how organizations research, collect, preserve, and interpret history and art in public settings.

Our interns say their experience enables them to sample career options they might otherwise never have considered while they are still students. They also report that they emerge from their internships confident that they possess the skills relevant to such careers and that they enjoy knowing that they are contributing to the mission of local organizations.

Earn Credit Toward Your Degree

Interns earn 3 hours of elective credit toward either the B.A. in History or M.A. in History (including Museum Studies and Art History Specializations) by successfully completing their semester project. Interns work a minimum of 10 hours per week during fall or spring semesters or a minimum of 12.5 hours per week during the summer semester. This arrangement enables students to complete a substantial project and is an excellent way to demonstrate dedication, responsibility, and expertise to prospective employers.

For Questions Not Found in the Internship Guidelines, or to Apply, Contact:

Dr. J. Mark Souther
Coordinator, Public History Internships
Cleveland State University
Department of History
2121 Euclid Avenue RT 1310
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

Phone: (216) 687-3970
Email: m.souther@csuohio.edu