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The History program at CSU offers you the opportunity to work closely with faculty that has areas of expertise in US, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Latin American history.

We are dedicated to providing our students with hands-on opportunities for learning and furthering their interest in history. Through projects like research papers, designing online exhibits, and internships, studying history at CSU will give you the opportunity to prepare for the future by making the past come alive.

The History major at CSU is comprised of 40 semester credit hours. It exposes students to a range of knowledge while providing depth in upper level courses. Students are required to divide their coursework between survey and upper-division classes in a range of geographic and chronological eras. The requirements for the major can be completed in approximately two years and the department regularly offers evening courses, making it possible for part-time and evening students to complete the degree efficiently.

In addition, your coursework in History will provide you with many of the skills and background that employers value. As a History major you will acquire:

  • the ability to analyze complex issues
  • the ability to analyze economic, social, political, and cultural events and processes over time
  • an understanding of global issues and the place of the United States within that larger context
  • strong research skills
  • strong written and oral communication skills


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