English Department

Creative Writing Courses

Spring 2024

ENG 203 Creative Writing: Forms & Techniques
MWF 11:20–12:10 Professor Mike Geither
This course is an introduction to at least three of the four primary genres of creative writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama). Students will read and analyze modern and contemporary literary texts while the principal work of the class will be writing: first to help see and understand the effective forms and techniques encountered in the reading, and thereafter to deploy or adapt those forms and techniques to the student’s own creative work. There will be both critical and creative writing assignments and the major means of assessment will be a series or portfolio of written work. This course fulfills a General Education Arts & Humanities requirement.
ENG 491 Advanced Fiction Workshop
TTh 10:00–11:15 Professor Hilary Plum
In this advanced workshop in fiction writing, we’ll explore and experiment with the elements of fiction: plot and structure, scene and exposition, voice, setting, dialogue, tone, worldbuilding, theme, and more. Each writer will share their work regularly to receive generative and supportive peer and instructor feedback. Outside reading of contemporary fiction will help us make new discoveries in form, genre, and imagination. The course will culminate in the workshop discussion of a complete short story by each writer.
ENG 494 Advanced Poetry Workshop
TTh 12:30–1:45 Professor Caryl Pagel
In this workshop we’ll discuss student poems alongside the subjects, forms, influences, and ques/ons they’re in conversation with. We’ll experiment with a variety of approaches to providing feedback including using such readerly frames as an “influence collage,” a “research file,” and a poetics statement—all creative supplementary material intended to guide and complicate discussion. Though our focus will be on student writing, we’ll also consider work by contemporary poets Cody-Rose Clevidence, Stella Corso, Ed Roberson, Robyn Schiff, and Nikki Wallschlaeger, among others.
ENG 498 Creative Writing Senior Capstone
TTh 2:0–3:15 Professor Hilary Plum
This is a multi-genre workshop and professionalization seminar, including research of presses, literary journals, and theatres, the submission process, and extensive revision toward the completion of a portfolio suitable for publication, production, and/or MFA application. Topics may include author interviews, book reviews, planning of creative writing events, artist statements, research of artists resources, and literary citizenship.

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