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A&S Hosts Successful Research Day

College of Arts and Sciences at Cleveland State University Hosts Successful Research Day 

On Friday, April 19, 2024, the College of Arts and Sciences at Cleveland State University hosted its first college-wide Research Day as a new college. During the day-long event, A&S faculty, staff, and student showcased their research collaborations. The Research Day featured more than 90 posters, highlighting a diverse array of investigations, particularly in the humanities and the sciences.

The day was characterized by engagement, featuring both morning and afternoon presentation sessions that provided a platform for faculty, students, and staff to share their research findings and insights. Attendees were treated to a stimulating intellectual environment that was student-led and student-centered.

“The entire event was incredibly inspiring to me,” said Dean Andrew Kersten. “It demonstrated not only the excellence of our students and faculty but also shown a spotlight on the interdisciplinary nature of the college.”

The event also offered an opportunity for participants to network and connect with peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the academic community. 

The successful Research Day serves as a testament to the College of Arts and Sciences’ unwavering dedication to promoting scholarly inquiry as well as engaged learning and faculty-student collaborations. As Dean Kersten remarked, A&S is committed to providing all students with opportunities for intellectual growth by fostering a vibrant research community.

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