Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization (CMMS)

CMMS Travel Funds

Available Support and Application Process:

The Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization, through the CMMS Student Travel Fund, will provide funds for the proposed total cost of travel, up to a maximum of $1000.  Matching support from the student's department, college, or research advisor is encouraged and will increase the competitiveness of the proposal, as will acceptance for either oral or poster presentation.

To apply for funding under this program, complete the form below and submit it to the CMMS Director Dr. Anton A. Komar, e-mail: a.komar@csuohio.edu. Please ensure that all required signatures and documentation (such as letters of invitation, call for papers, presentation acceptance, etc.) are included in the package when submitted.

Microsoft Office document icon CMMS Travel Application Form

Funding Priorities:

  • This program is extremely competitive and, because of limited funds, not all applications will be funded.
  • The following criteria will be used in determining which professional development activities provide greater benefits to the University:

Higher Priority:

  • Travel expenses to present an invited or peer-reviewed and accepted paper/poster/oral presentation at a national or international conference.
  • Proposals in which the Department, College and/or Dissertation Advisor have shown strong support by providing support from University and/or Research funds.
  • First-time applicants.

Lower Priority:

  • Travel expenses to present a non-peer reviewed paper/poster at a conference.
  • Travel expenses to attend a conference, workshop or seminar where the student is not presenting.
  • Proposals where there is no matching support provided either internally or from research funds.
  • Prior Travel Awards totaling more than $2000.


Be sure to acknowledge CMMS support in your poster or presentation!