Cellular and Molecular Medicine Specialization (CMMS)

CMMS Admission Information

Formal admission to the CMMS specialization is decided by the CMMS Coordinating Committee (CMMSCC) and the CMMS Director. All degree-seeking students in the Regulatory Biology, Clinical - Bioanalytical Chemistry, and Applied Biomedical Engineering doctoral programs can choose to specialize in Cellular and Molecular Medicine by completing the required core curriculum and performing dissertation research in Cellular and Molecular Medicine under a supervisor who is a member of the specialization.

New applicants to the doctoral programs in Regulatory Biology, Clinical - Bioanalytical Chemistry and Applied Biomedical Engineering may indicate their interest in the CMMS on their applications. Admission to graduate studies in one of the doctoral programs, referred to as the “home program", is decided by the graduate program to which the applicant applies. Applicants can declare their intent to enroll in the CMMS once they have been accepted by a home program.

Students applying to CMMS specialization have to fill in the Admission Application Form, Student Record Form and provide a letter of support from the graduate (PhD) advisor.

Students admitted to CMMS program may further apply to a 2-year CMMS Research Assistantship/Fellowship (currently available only to students working at Cleveland State University laboratories) and Student Travel Funds (up to $1,000/travel).

CMMS Admission Application Form  ||  CMMS Student Record Form

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